An interview with Michael Beirut

What makes a truly great logo? Logos are everywhere. On our phones. On our cars. On our clothes. And whether we realize it or not, they affect us. We become emotionally invested in them. In this insightful interview from Vox with famous graphic designer, Michael Beirut, who created the logos for Verizon, Billboard Magazine, the … Continued

Korn Hynes Wins Gold

Korn Hynes Advertising has received a Gold Award in the 2019 AVA Digital Video Production – Commercials for Hospitals Category – for the Summit Medical Group’s “Don’t Fight Fair” entry. The AVA Digital Awards are an international competition that recognizes outstanding work by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design, and production of media … Continued

A Clear Collaboration

A film is made three times before an audience sees it: first, when it’s written; second, when it’s filmed; and finally, again when it’s edited. A project transforms through each stage. Sometimes, so much so, that it becomes unrecognizable from the initial intent. Not so with our latest commercial for the new Summit Medical Group … Continued

Korn Hynes hits hard with “Don’t Fight Fair”

Korn Hynes is proud to announce the launch of the “Don’t Fight Fair” campaign for Summit Medical Group MD Anderson Cancer Center (SMGMDA). The campaign includes TV, radio, print and OOH.   Summit Medical Group MD Anderson Billboard.   While car brands and cancer care may not seem to have much in common, Korn Hynes … Continued

Clutter Makes Noise

In 1970, Canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan wrote of a “big flip taking place in our time.” He described humans caught in a rapid environmental changeover from “the eye to the ear,” suddenly confronted with the problems of living in an “acoustic world” – a world of simultaneous information. In an acoustic world, our ears … Continued