Luisa “Chi-Chi” Cahill


Chi Chi Cahill keeps our Wellesley, MA office humming as head of Korn Hynes’ Boston affiliate. A devout and accomplished generalist, Chi Chi has over two decades of experience in advertising, marketing communications and public relations. She has served as, variously, account supervisor, creative director, copywriter and TV producer — earning her virtual “sage” status in our industry.

Chi Chi has won numerous awards for creative work in television, print and collateral for clients ranging from real estate, biotechnology, entertainment, education and insurance, to financial services, healthcare and retail. Chi Chi has been an on-screen/voice-over talent, print model and public speaker. And in another life, she was a case writer in interpersonal behavior at Harvard Business School. Chi Chi studied English literature on a graduate level at Oxford, Harvard and Boston College. Her BA in English Literature is from Tufts, where she was Class Poet. Chi Chi’s fiction, non-fiction and poetry have appeared in Yankee Magazine, Bride’s Magazine (Conde-Nast) and other periodicals.