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One of the exciting benefits of having a client like Summit Medical Group, is the opportunity for us to flex our creative muscles in an effort to deliver a valuable healthcare message. We were honored to be chosen by Summit Medical Group to announce their partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the world’s foremost cancer centers. The campaign theme, Cancer Doesn’t Fight Fair. Neither Do We., addresses the frustration many cancer patients experience during treatment. Research shows that patients want their doctors to deal with their cancer passionately and aggressively. Armed with this insight, we created a campaign that reflects Summit’s battle-ready stance in the cancer fight. The centerpiece of the campaign is an award-winning TV spot that pushes the creative envelope of healthcare marketing. The spot features original footage of doctors, nurses, staff and patients interacting in an advanced cancer-fighting environment. The original score features a driving percussion track that underscores the power and urgency of the campaign message.