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When nationally recognized forensic economics firm, Sobel Tinari, first approached us for marketing and advertising services, our first questions was, “What the hell is forensic economics?” But a few short tutorials later, we were up to speed and good to go (we’re quick studies!). In short, Sobel Tinari provides economic valuation services to both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Korn Hynes helped to develop new brand messaging and visual identity, and digital and traditional communications vehicles designed to get the firm noticed and raise awareness with its audiences – helping to solidify the firm’s position as the nation’s premier economics firm.

The Sobel Tinari logo needed to be redesigned to reflect the philosophy and personality of the company’s new leadership. The colors were chosen based on color psychology, with blue representing trust and loyalty and orange representing warmth and optimism.

The design of the new icon is a modern interpretation of a graph – a numerical measurement tool used in economics. The icon can also be interpreted as a mountain, representing Sobel Tinari’s strength and towering position in the economics world.