A Clear Collaboration

Summit Medical Group MD Anderson Cancer Center Broadcast CommercialSummit Medical Group MD Anderson Cancer Center Broadcast Commercial

A film is made three times before an audience sees it: first, when it’s written; second, when it’s filmed; and finally, again when it’s edited. A project transforms through each stage. Sometimes, so much so, that it becomes unrecognizable from the initial intent.

Not so with our latest commercial for the new Summit Medical Group MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Florham Park, NJ. The message was clear from storyboard to final cut: When it comes to cancer, nothing short of everything is needed for the fight.

“Cancer doesn’t fight fair. Neither do we. Don’t Fight Fair.”

Cancer touches the lives of most everyone. For some who worked on the project, it was very personal. One of the actors told us that her best friend was battling a stage-four diagnosis. She took the job in honor of her friend. Two others in the spot are cancer survivors, both on the winning side of their diagnoses. Crew members talked over lunch about their experiences with loved ones who had cancer.

It was personal for so many who worked on the project. That’s why the message remained clear in the final piece. And unlike other creative projects that stray from an original vision, here the personal connection comes through, right from the heart.