John Hynes

As Partner and Creative Director, John Hynes has been creating buzz-worthy advertising for over 25 years. According to his mother, he is a “gifted creative genius.” Back on earth, John’s relentless quest for the Big Idea has resulted in great advertising concepts for clients in varied industries. He believes that the most powerful advertising happens … Continued

Andy Korn-Hauschild

Andrea Korn-Hauschild’s spark and sparkle light up Korn Hynes with joy and enthusiasm. But don’t let Andy’s beguiling charm, high energy and sense of fun fool you. As founding partner and president of Korn Hynes, she’s spent two decades lending her abundant marketing savvy to high profile Fortune 500 corporations, fast-track start-ups like ESC Medical, … Continued

Tyler Palma

Tyler Palma is the Head of Web Development for Korn Hynes. In this role he has developed and maintained the websites of many of our clients, from Kitchen Expo to Tinari Economics. Tyler clearly isn’t some “codemonkey” as evidenced by the fact that he has also worked on specialized technology development projects for some of … Continued